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Yes please, I want to get started

Welcome to my *AWARD WINNING* 6 Week Online Course for new mums - "Love Your Core - Post Natal Course".

This course is designed to help you:

  • reconnect with your core and pelvic floor muscles through visualisation, breathing and movement.
  • rebuild your strength using a combination of body weight and resistance based exercises which mimic your daily movement patterns.
  • reignite your passion for movement and motion through challenging yet achievable exercises which get the heart rate rising!

In addition to the exercise element of the course, you will also receive advice and guidance on nutrition and self-care to help support your recovery journey.

At the end of the course you will feel stronger, fitter and more confident in your own body.

Who is the course for?

  • New mums who are looking to rebuild their core strength and pelvic floor muscles in a supportive environment.
  • Not-so-new mums who may not have had the opportunity to focus on themselves after they had children. No matter how long after you have had children you can always improve your pelvic floor function and core strength!
  • Women who suffer from diastasis recti (a gap in the abdominal wall).
  • Women who suffer from urinary stress incontinence.

What's included with the course?

  • A detailed pre-screening process, including a 15 minute consultation over the phone prior to starting the course.
  • A one-hour online exercise class sent to you every week for 6 weeks which progresses over time. You will be able to access the class anywhere, any time – making it easier for you to fit in to your day.
  • A 10 minute ‘Homework’ Exercise Routine sent to you every week to do in between classes. Little and often is the key to the homework!
  • Regular email and telephone support as needed.
  • Plus – you will also receive an amazing goody bag which includes all the equipment that you will need to complete the course.

Next Steps

If you would like to purchase the course or if you have any questions please click on the link below. Please note, spaces are limited each month due to the level of support provided to all those who enrol.


You get all of this for the fantastic price of £80.

Plus you will have access to the course for 12 months so you can keep coming back to the workouts again and again.