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I love working out with others - you have someone to chat to, laugh with, keep you motivated, exchange pained expressions with and just have fun with. Which is why I run a Women Only Small Group Personal Training Session every week from Twinwoods Adventure, Bedford.

We focus on core and pelvic floor strength as well as getting a good sweaty workout in. Even though it is a group session, I deliberately keep the numbers small so I can provide individual attention when needed.

Just because we focus on core fitness doesn't mean you wont be challenged. You will be!!!

First session is FREE.

When & Wher‍‍‍e?

My Women Only Small Group Personal Training Session runs every Tuesday evening, 7.30pm - 8.30pm at Twinwoods Adventure, Bedford.

Spaces are limited so please get in touch to book your space today.

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Can't beat a bit of outdoor training too!