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“Five weeks is not a long time, but I’m confident in saying that the last five weeks have given me a totally new outlook on my fitness and general wellbeing – it’s five weeks since I had my first personal training session with Jacqui, I have loved every minute (ish)!

The knowledge that someone is waiting for you to turn up at the gym that you do not want to let down is a million miles from a solo trip to the gym, we have all found excuses not to go – five weeks in, two sessions a week, and I’ve not looked like missing one.

Jacqui has made a massive difference, having all that knowledge and help readily available is fantastic, no second guessing about what to do, how to do the individual exercises, how many reps to do, what to do after the workout, what to eat, when to eat – all those issues and questions gone!

I’m a 50+ year old Yorkshire bloke and was totally sceptical about the whole Personal Trainer “thing”, but I now have absolutely no qualms in recommending Jacqui to anyone looking to make a change for the better – it has certainly changed my life way beyond my expectations.”

Tim M

“Jacqui is an absolutely fabulous personal trainer & has helped me to achieve results I would never have thought possible! She has a fun and personable approach and goes out of her way to ensure that all of the sessions are demanding & challenging but still achievable. This has enabled me to achieve noticeable results in my strength, fitness & overall health & well-being in a very short space of time.

Jacqui spends a lot of time understanding exactly what is important to me & specifically what I hope to achieve through our work. She then individually tailors each session to ensure continued progress. She is extremely thorough & organised, so all I need to focus on is following her instructions & remembering to breathe!

Jacqui's knowledge of nutrition as well as fitness is invaluable. By combining advice on both of these aspects Jacqui provides a truly bespoke, and highly effective, programme.

I would whole heartedly recommend Jacqui to anyone!”

Steph V

"I contacted Jacqui after blindly entering for the 15 mile London Moonwalk 2016 and then realising that I was not up to it! Having spent a lifetime of avoiding any form of exercise (I am now 54) I was apprehensive about allowing a fitness guru into my life. This feeling subsided within minutes of meeting Jacqui. During our consultation she helped me believe I had the ability to rise to the challenge and outlined how we could work towards it.

Jacqui has a warm and friendly style of training, she is extremely motivating and positive and most importantly she believes in me too! Every session has been carefully planned on her part and pushes me a little bit harder - which is great!

I have no hesitation recommending Jacqui's personal training services - she is a breath of fresh air.”

Denise P

"I had become bored with completing the same routine for over a year and was looking for something different. Jacqui designed a special programme for me which was much more varied and exercised muscles I didn't realise I had! Brilliant. Thanks Jacqui!”

John C

“The sessions are great for strength and muscle toning/ definition in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment.

Each session has a similar structure but has different exercises each time, using different muscles, to keep it interesting but still working the core areas. I really look forward to my weekly sessions and like to think I am already more toned than I was! I would definitely recommend Jacqui as an instructor.”

Charlotte D

"I've been working extensively with Jacqui throughout my pregnancy this year in preparation for the birth and she is hands down the most supportive and knowledgeable PT I've ever trained with. I feel much more confident approaching my delivery date with stronger core muscles and the mental and physical tools to enable me to have a calmer, more controlled birth. I'm looking forward to working with her again to obtain my pre-pregnancy abs plus I always thoroughly enjoy her sessions. Thank you Jacqui!"

Charlotte KS

"Never felt so good - professional and motivated trainer who gets the best out of you without barking at you."

Phil L

"Had a great time with Jacqui, so informative and exercise tailored to me. Couldn't have asked for more."

Ali D

"I am doing PT session with Jacqui Jackson. She is great. She works at your pace. She builds you up on each session. My weights have been increased as I go. Its satisfying to learn I am improving and becoming stronger each week. She posts great nutritional tips which I enjoy trying out. Highly recommend to all mummies out there looking for a personal trainer who understands your body."

Natasha J

"Just finished my 6 week #MUMSTRIBE course and wanted to say a massive thank you to Jacqui, I have really enjoyed the sessions and really sad it's over but looking forward to being pushed even harder at #TribePlus. It is the perfect course to get you going after having a baby and I think Alfie enjoyed the sessions as much as me. I feel so much stronger now and healthier and have lost 10lbs in the last 6 weeks. I would highly recommend Jacqueline Jackson and #MUMSTRIBE to anyone looking to regain their core strength and pelvic floor while having fun in a relaxed and supportive environment."

Claire D

"I went to Jacqui because I was unable to ride my bike due to an injury, she devised a training plan that meant I could exercise without injuring my Achilles any further.  The following week my husband started training with me as well and Jacqui adapted the sessions so that we could both train but with individual plans.  The sessions were fun and changed every week so that we didn’t get bored, Jacqui was constantly checking that we were ok and that any past and present injury spots were not reacting to the training."

Jackie H

"I have noticed a definite improvement in my core strength and am no longer having back pains."

Georgia B

"Although it's been six years since I've had my little boy I still wasn't back to normal. I feel stronger in my arms and core now which makes being a mummy so much easier. The exercises were steady and not too strenuous but still gave us a great workout. Thanks again Jacqui!"

Emma S

"Jacqui is a fab personal trainer, she understands your personal and physical needs and makes working out fun. She also gives you that hope of achievement."

Kate S

"I have been going now for 7 weeks and Jacqui has helped me so much. I had diastasis recti after having my baby and she has helped me not only physically but mentally feel like a normal human being again. I wish I knew about Jacqui when I had my first little boy.  Lovely lady and great fun to work with for an hour!! Even though she does make you work hard xxxx."


"I approached Jacqui to train me throughout my pregnancy, as her pre and post natal knowledge is first rate. It was important for me to maintain fitness and increase my strength in preparation for my new arrival - but in a safe way. Professional and knowledgeable in her field and lots of fun to be around. You will get great results and enjoy fitness through working with Jacqui. Highly recommended."


"Jacqui is everything a PT should be, encouraging, focused and dedicated to pushing her clients to be the best they can be. She has transformed my life in just 10 short weeks of small group PT, I am virtually pain free, feel fitter and stronger and have more stamina and flexibility than ever. In addition to this Jacqui is flexible and understanding of the pressures of modern motherhood. Thank you Jacqui."


"I have been training with Jacqui for months now and feel like every week I get stronger and fitter. She designs every session to my needs and I could not ask for a better more understanding PT.